Providing A Voice For Maasai Girls and Women through Education and Empowerment

A fearless leader, Margaret (Maggie) Sakian Koshal is the Family, Gender and Education Coordinator at Nashulai Maasai Conservancy: "My passion to empower women has led me to become an advocate for vulnerable Maasai girls, who all too often are made to endure the brutal, sometimes deadly process of Female Genital Mutilation (FGM), or are forced into child marriage, depriving them of education and their rights to autonomy and freedom. My dream is to help end FGM and early marriage in those same Maasai communities where I grew up. I try to personally protect and provide sanctuary for young Maasai girls who have had to run away from home to escape either FGM or forced marriage, and I travel the Mara with female-co-workers, speaking to the Elders and the communities as often as possible. i am setting up a center, to be partly funded by the community-based tourism we are creating through Nashulai Safari Co and Oldarpoi Mara Camp. but we are in need of dedicated funds to help provide stability for the girls."and an educational future that will empower them to help sustain and change our world for the better."